Amicitia has developed several traditional events over time, some of which originate from the pre-occupation era, and some of which have come about more recently. These traditional events include presentation nights, the celebration of Estonian Independence Day on February 24th, summer and winter “holidays”, pancake breakfasts, celebratory communal feasts to mark the beginning and end of each semester, and so-called “fox flights”, where the pledges and active members oppose each other in playing something akin to a large-scale game of hide-and-seek for a period lasting two to three days. Each semester in turn, we celebrate the anniversaries of the establishment (autumn) and re-establishment (spring) of korp! Amicitia with three days of festivities in the style of the old Baltic-German student tradition known as kommers.

The aforementioned traditional events are supplemented throughout the year by a variety of other events as well; these include but are certainly not limited to group sings, film nights, lectures by guest specialists from various fields, and dedicated sorority house cleaning days. In 2014, in conjuction with the Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association, the International Centre for Defence and Security, and the Estonian fraternity korp! Vironia, Amicitia organized a conference called “Estonian Security 2014: My Contribution”, an event of which we are particularly proud.